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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

What Dog Owners Should Know About Home Insurance

by Jason Prescott

Owning a dog can complicate your home insurance because dogs increase your risk of liability claims. Below are some of the things you should know about your home insurance as a dog owner.

Dog Breed Matters

Some home insurance companies discriminate against some dog breeds that they consider to be aggressive and likely to attack others. Such companies may deny you coverage if you keep the aggressive breeds. Alternatively, you may get coverage at higher rates than normal. Thus, it's advisable to talk to various insurance companies and hear their views on dog breeds before acquiring a dog.

Attack History Matters

If you already have a dog, then their attack history may influence your future premiums. The more your dog triggers liability clauses, the more your insurance situation will be complicated. Thus, it is in everyone's best interest for you to take the necessary precautions to prevent your dog from attacking others.

Carriers Have Different Policies

Insurance companies handle the issue of dogs very differently. For example, some companies discriminate against certain dog breeds that other companies don't consider aggressive. Some insurance companies don't even discriminate against any dog breed. Thus, you should do your research well to get the appropriate insurer if you are a dog owner.

State Laws Rule

It is not just insurance companies that have different rules when it comes to dog ownership and home insurance; even state laws differ on the issue. For example, some states don't allow insurance companies operating within their borders to discriminate against dog owners or dog breeds. Thus, you might or might not have anything to worry about depending on your state's laws.

Separate Coverage Is Possible

Depending on your location, you may be able to buy separate coverage for your dog-related liabilities. This is particularly useful if you have an aggressive dog and you live in a state where dog ownership can drive up your home insurance coverage. The separate coverage allows your insurance carrier to charge your home insurance independently of the dog ownership issue.

Full Disclosure Is Necessary

Lastly, you should disclose your dog ownership status to your insurance company. Indeed, you should talk to your insurance company before bringing your dog home. That way, you will know the effect of your potential ownership on your home insurance and acquire any additional coverage you might need. Note that your home insurance carrier might cancel your policy or deny dog-related claims if you acquire a dog but fail to notify the company.

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