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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Auto Insurance And Disability

by Jason Prescott

If you have been diagnosed with a physical disability, then you might wonder whether the disability can affect your auto insurance. Below is a brief overview of the relationship between auto insurance and physical disabilities.

The Potential for High Charges

Auto insurance companies cannot charge you higher rates just because you have a disability. In fact, even if the insurance companies wanted to do that, they wouldn't be able to since there are laws against such discriminations. However, there are still two main reasons why your disability might attract higher premiums.

Health Issues

There are health issues that make it risky to drive and increase the risk of accidents. Examples include vision impairment and severe or uncontrolled epilepsy. Now, auto insurance companies use risk factors to determine payable premiums. The riskier you are, the more your rates will rise.

Car Modifications

The car's value determines its replacement and repair costs. Therefore, your car's value is also a factor in rate determination. Unfortunately, your disability might necessitate some modifications that might raise the value of your car. Examples include wheelchair lifts and ramps, power seats, hand controls, and amputee rings, among others. In such a case, your auto insurance carrier might charge you higher rates to cover the cost of replacing or repairing such modifications.

What to Do

If you have a disability and you wish to drive, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Full Disclosure

First, you should not lie to your insurance carrier about your disability and its extent. The insurance industry thrives on honesty, and lying to your insurance carrier is a form of fraud. Your carrier may cancel your policy or deny your claim if it learns of such fraud.

Besides, the insurance company cannot stop you from driving. Only your doctor and the government can stop you from driving if they believe it's extremely dangerous for you to drive with your disability. Therefore, disclose everything to your insurance company.

Additional Coverage

If your disability calls for car modifications, then you may need additional coverage to protect the modified car parts. This is because your standard coverage might not extend that far. In fact, you need to inform your insurer before you instigate such modifications. Do your research and compare different insurers since they deal with modified car coverage differently.

Only Necessary Modifications

Lastly, it also makes sense to stick to only the necessary modifications. This is good advice because every modification you make increases your rates. Avoid power-boosting or cosmetic modifications if you want to minimize your premiums.