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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Tourists And Weather Change Road Conditions, So Maybe Auto Insurance Coverage Needs To Change

by Jason Prescott

No matter how carefully someone drives, they still need to maintain an adequate amount of auto insurance. Unfortunately, "adequate" often turns to "complacent." Coverage such as $300,000 in liability limits plus a $2,500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage might serve a driver well for years. Circumstances can change, though. Two things may change an approach to auto insurance coverage, even for those who drive safely consistently. The arrival of tourists to an area, combined with unexpected rainy weather, could create hazards. Unfortunately, these two new elements might put more financial risks on a driver's shoulders. An auto insurance policy may require adjusting.

Rain and Traveling Tourists

People who look at the big picture of risk mitigation often reduce potential troubles. Upon noticing it is raining more often this summer than previous ones, a driver may realize the road now runs the chance of becoming more dangerous. The inclusion of additional drivers, ones unfamiliar with the local streets, brings even further risks. Unruly tourists who may throw trash out their windows reflect egregious examples of how hazards increase. And then there are somewhat unavoidable issues, such as more drivers leading to more oil on the road, which means slicker roads during rainfall. However, drivers who think they will escape negligence due to "unavoidable" and "unexpected" situations on the road might be in for an unwelcome surprise.

The Car Care Example

Negligence can refer to a failure to take the necessary steps to reduce hazards. Perhaps the brakes and tires needed service, and the otherwise careful driver did not get the work done in a timely manner. Even a careful driver could share some negligence in an accident with a partially at-fault tourist after a weather-related incident. Increasing previously low levels of auto insurance could potentially prove helpful here.

Damaging the Car

Harming others might not be all a driver to worry about. Beware of the self-inflicted damage to the car. Hydroplaning and crashing a car could cause a lot of body damage. The transmission or other parts might suffer damage. Imagine if the repair bill is $3,000. Someone comfortable with a $2,500 deductible might wish they had paid extra for a $500 deductible. If the weather seems to create worries, maybe it wise to change the deductible.

Making Changes to the Policy

Perhaps it is possible to lower the coverage amounts, and the premiums, once the tourist season and accompanying bad ends. That said, if the financial burden for increased coverage isn't too taxing, why change it? Speaking to an auto insurance rep to discuss options seems wise.

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