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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Factors That Help You Save Money On Car Insurance

by Jason Prescott

Most people need auto insurance, yet many people pay too much for their coverage. Are you interested in buying auto insurance but afraid you will end up paying too much for it? If so, it might help if you can understand the factors that help people save money. Here are some of the factors that control the amount you pay for your car insurance.

Your Driving Record

Your driving record is a record that contains information about your driving experience. It tells when you got your driver's license and the number of tickets you have. It also reveals what the tickets are for, and it states all your accidents. If you have no tickets or accidents, you have a clean driving record, which is great when buying auto insurance. If you have tickets or accidents, it can impact your auto insurance rates. You will pay more for your insurance coverage because tickets and accidents put you in a high-risk driver category.

Your Age and Gender

Did you also know that your age and gender affect your rates? Women generally pay less than men, and older adults pay less than teen drivers. The good news is that you will not always be in an age category that causes higher rates. If you are a teenager now, you will grow older and eventually have lower rates due to your age.

Your Car's Value

One factor that you have control over is the car you choose to buy and drive, and this factor greatly affects your rates. If you want to pay less for your insurance, buy an older car that is not worth a lot. If you want to pay higher rates, choose a new, valuable car.

The Insurance Types You Want on Your Policy

If you own your car, you also have control over the insurance types you have on your policy. If you have a loan on the vehicle, you have less control. When you have a policy that includes collision and comprehensive coverages, you will pay a lot more than you would for a liability-only policy. You have fewer choices with coverage when you have an auto loan on your car.

If you have any questions about auto insurance, contact an auto insurance provider, like Illinois Insurance Center Inc. An agent can help you customize a plan that suits your needs and budget, and help you choose the policies you need.