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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Medicaid Myths To Ignore

by Jason Prescott

Medicaid is a benefit that is extended to eligible Americans who need access to healthcare. While the program is well known and established, unfortunately, a fair amount of misinformation still surrounds these plans. To ensure you can maximize your benefits on this program and that you fully understand its advantages, learn more about the misinformation you want to avoid. 

Limited Coverage

There is a belief that coverage with Medicaid is limited, in that it may cover your doctors' visit but not the prescriptions provided for the visit, or that your primary care visits are covered but not those for specialty medical care, such as to ear, nose, and throat physicians. With the right Medicaid plan and supplemental plans, you can receive coverage for most of your medical needs, including hospital stays, specialty care, and prescription medication.

Stops at Physical Health

Behavioral and mental health care and addiction treatment services all fall under the realm of healthcare. So, if someone tells you that by choosing a Medicaid insurance plan you will not have access to the coverage, it is simply untrue. These plans are designed to meet your total healthcare needs, so access to approved facilities and providers within these areas will generally be covered. 

Unfriendly to Other Insurances

If you work and your employer offers you insurance, but you still meet the income threshold for this benefit, do not worry, you can use both policies. Medicaid can be applied with another policy, but typically, one policy will become primary, and the other policy becomes secondary. Which position Medicaid takes may be dependent on the state law in your area.

Restricted Enrollment Period

Many insurance plans have preset enrollment periods; if you do not sign up for coverage within the period, you have to wait until the next year. Medicaid understands that a person's financial situation can change at any point in the year. As soon as you are eligible for one of these plans you can sign up and initiate your coverage as soon as possible.

Generic Plans

There are some people who also believe that Medicaid only offers a one-size-fits-all plan, but the reality is that there are plan options that you can choose from. These plans vary based on the policy holders' age, the number of people insured, and several other factors. So, you are sure to find a plan that has what you need.

As always, do your research to dispel these untruths and to ensure you find a Medicaid insurance plan that is right for you.