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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance As A Military Member

by Jason Prescott

Multiple factors, including profession, affect auto insurance. For example, military members should approach auto insurance differently from others. Below are some factors that affect your auto insurance as a military member.

Parking Location

Parking location determines car theft risk. For example, street parking is more dangerous than coverage garage parking. Your insurance company may also consider parking on a military base safer than parking in a civilian residence. You may even get a discount for leaving your car in storage during deployment.

Membership Organizations

Organizations that draw their membership from military members negotiate discounted insurance rates for their members. The organizations can negotiate these rates since they have the numbers, and the insurance companies welcome the business.

Present your insurance agent with a list of all the organizations you belong to, such as the Armed Forces Benefit Association and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Your agent will use the information to identify insurance carriers with relevant discounts.

Deployment Status

Deployment affects your auto insurance both directly and indirectly. For example:

  • You won't drive your car during deployment, reducing your annual mileage. The reduced annual mileage may entitle you to low-mileage discounts.
  • You can downgrade your policy to comprehensive-only coverage, which is cheaper than standard coverage during your deployment.
  • You can remove your name from the policy if the policy lists multiple drivers. That way, your risk evaluation doesn't affect the premium determination.

Talk to your insurance company or agent for the best option for your circumstances.

Active Status

The military's effects on your auto insurance do not end with your retirement. However, the effects depend on whether you are a veteran or an active military member. For example, some military organizations include both active and veteran members, and you may enjoy their associated discounts even after retirement.

Secondly, active military members do not use their cars during deployment, and deployment affects auto insurance, as previously discussed. Lastly, active members who live on base usually have secure parking, which affords them some discounts.

Registration and Insurance Jurisdiction

Some states and insurance companies have special provisions to maintain your car's registration and insurance in your home state. Such an arrangement is helpful since active military members move around considerably.

However, you should not automatically use the arrangement, especially if your home state has relatively high insurance rates. Consider changing the registration and license jurisdiction if your temporary residence has better rates than your home state.