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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Reduce Your Risk Of A House Fire By Following These Barbecuing Tips

by Jason Prescott

It's hard to resist the delicious taste of a grilled steak during the summer months, but you want to be sure that your barbecuing habits aren't increasing the risk of a house fire that requires you to make an insurance claim and pay your deductible. Roughly 6,500 serious grill fires occur annually across the U.S., causing millions of dollars in damage to houses. A flare-up on the barbecue can quickly get out of control, but you'll reduce your risk of problems if you make sure to follow these smart grilling tips.

Keep Your Grill Well Away From The House

While it can be tempting to place your barbecue directly outside a sliding door for easy access, doing so can be dangerous. A gust of wind, for example, can blow the flames toward your house and they can easily start a fire that leads to an insurance claim. Ideally, your barbecue should be placed a minimum of 10 feet from the house, as well as any other structures that could catch fire, such as the railings of your deck.

Don't Leave The Grill

Many barbecue enthusiasts light the grill and then return indoors to prep food. Ideally, you should never leave the grill once it's lit. Being close to the grill will allow you to quickly turn off the propane tank if there appears to be a problem, or use a spray bottle to quell any flames that are getting too large. Work as a tandem with your spouse and partner — one person stays outside next to the grill, while the other person prepares the food inside.

Clean The Grates Between Uses

No one is a fan of barbecue maintenance, but taking care of your grill when it's not in use can greatly reduce the risk of a fire that quickly spreads to your home and leads to major damage. It's a good idea to clean the grates between uses. During the cooking process, the grates of your barbecue can get covered in charred food. The next time you light the barbecue, this built-up material can catch fire. Use a barbecue brush to scrub down the grill before you use it.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wearing appropriate clothing while you use the barbecue can not only reduce your risk of suffering a burn, but also prevent you from catching fire and spreading it to your house in a panic. Loose-fitting clothing — for example, baggy sleeves — can easily catch fire; if this were to occur, you might hastily remove the garment and toss it aside, perhaps against the house where the flames could spread. Whenever you're ready to grill, make sure that you're wearing short sleeves and that you also have any long hair tied back.

For more safety tips, speak with a home insurance company. Click here to check it out.