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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Understanding A Few Medicare Enrollment Tips

by Jason Prescott

If you are turning 65 soon, then you should know that you are eligible to receive medicare benefits. This of course means that you are also a US citizen and have paid into the medicare or social security system through your job over the years. Typically, most people easily qualify for medicare as long as they meet the age requirement. If you think that you are eligible, there are a few tips that you need about enrolling in the government healthcare program.

You Need To Actively Enroll

Some people believe that medicare enrollment is automatic and is based on when you decide to receive your social security benefits. However, some people decide to wait until they turn 66 before they decide to start receiving their checks. At this age, an individual can receive their full monthly benefits. Regardless if you have or have not signed up for social security, you need to enroll in medicare. 

There are several ways that you can sign up for medicare enrollment. You can do this through the government website or you can call the medicare 1-800 number directly. You also have the option of working with the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) if you think that you need more personal guidance. Most state programs will provide you with a specific assistance specialist who can work through the process with you.

You should know that you should contact medicare or SHIP early. You have a relatively small window to sign up for the health insurance program. The window starts three months before your 65th birthday and ends on your 65 birthday. If you do not sign up within this window, you will have to wait until the general enrollment period which runs from January to March.

You Should Understand The Structure

Medicare health insurance coverage is structured a bit differently than other types of insurance plans. The different parts of medicare are labeled as part A, part B, and part D. If you want complete health coverage, then you will need to choose all three benefit plans. If you do not want prescription coverage, then you can opt out of part D, but sign up for part A and B. 

You also have the options of choosing something called Medicare advantage where you can choose a private insurance company to provide you with your health benefits instead of opting for the government based insurance. The government will pay for the benefits through the insurance company you pick.

There is also gap insurance that covers the medical expenses that traditional medicare does not. 

When you contact medicare, they can provide you with a comprehensive overview of what plans may work best for you.