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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Rattled Nerves With A New Teen Driver? Find Some Peace With These Tips

by Jason Prescott

You helped them learn how to talk, walk, and even go potty without fear and apprehension, but when your child gets old enough to get their driver's license, apprehension can be a huge part of the equation. The fact is, seeing your child old enough to drive off on their own can be one of the most bittersweet and worrisome moments in your life. It is no big secret that lack of experience can make teens more likely to get into an accident, but that does not mean there are not a few things you can do to garner some peace of mind:

Check with your auto insurance company about a driving behavior tracking device. 

Many auto insurance companies now offer driving behavior tracking devices to customers. While these are a great way to keep your teen's driving habits in check, they can also fetch you a discount on your premium. These little devices track things like average rate of speed and how many times you brake suddenly. So just by having this device in your car, your teen will be less likely to break the rules or drive in an unsafe way when you are not around. 

Invest in good comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. 

The last thing you will want to do is be left paying for damages to someone else's property because your teen driver causes an accident, so beefing up your auto insurance when they do get their license is a good idea. Specifically, make sure you have comprehensive and collision coverage, which will cover things like at-fault accidents and no-fault damages when regular liability would not. Talk to your insurance company to find out how to add on these policy extensions and get in-depth detail about what is covered in your state with these additions. 

Install a small tracking device on the vehicle your teen drives. 

One of the biggest concerns for some parents is allowing their child the freedom to go wherever that a car and license allows. Tracking devices that operate via GPS technology are more accessible now than ever. So finding an affordable tracking device to put on your teen's car is easy. If nothing else, the tracking device will let you know where your child travels to so you can better keep tabs on how they use the vehicle. For example, if they are not allowed to drive in a certain dangerous area, you can log into your computer and make sure they are avoiding the area.