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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

What Happens If Your Teen's License Is Suspended: Three Things To Know

by Jason Prescott

There are several reasons that a teen's drivers license might be suspended. Having this happen to your child can be frustrating. However, there are some important things you should know to help your teen driver prepare for a lifetime of safe driving after the suspension is lifted. Use this guide to help you and your teen get back on the right track.

Remedial Driving Courses

Remedial driving courses are designed to reinforce the concepts already taught in driver education courses. They may focus on specific violations your child was found to be guilty of, such as excessive speed, driving under the influence, or failing to observe the rules of the road. In some cases, taking these courses may be mandated by the court. The rules and regulations may differ from state to state, so you may want to check with an attorney to ensure your teen is enrolled in the proper course to comply with all judicial orders. Even if the judge has not ordered a driving course, it may be a good idea to enroll your teen in a juvenile remedial course to help him or her understand the serious nature of following the rules of the road.

Suspension Periods

The period of time your child's license is suspended for may depend on the state you live in as well as the violation that resulted in a suspended license. For example, in Illinois, two moving violations within a 24-month period can result in a one-month suspension. In Wisconsin, earning 12 points on your license within 12 months can result in a six-month suspension. If you are unsure about the length and terms of your teen driver's license restrictions, you can check with the DMV or BMV in your state.

Insurance Rates

When your teen driver's license is suspended, you may find that your car insurance rates may go up. Discuss the situation with your insurance agent to help keep your premiums manageable. If your child's suspension is six months or more, or if your child is almost ready to move out and attend college, you may want to consider removing him or her from your insurance completely. When the suspension is lifted, you can revisit the insurance situation as a family and determine how much of the increased premiums your child will be held financially responsible for. Making the costs his or her responsibility can also help reinforce how important it is to drive safely.