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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Can You File An Auto Insurance Claim For A Hurricane?

by Jason Prescott

If your car has been damaged by a hurricane or you're worried about a future hurricane, you may wonder if your auto insurance company will cover you. Your auto insurance includes most disasters, including hurricanes, but it's important that you understand the specifics.

You'll Still Have to Pay Your Deductible

Even if you have an auto insurance policy that gives you complete coverage for any type of hurricane damage, you're still going to have to pay your deductible. That means you shouldn't just leave your car out in a hurricane if you can help it. In addition to losing your deductible, you'll also have to deal with the hassle of getting your car fixed.

Your Coverage for Flooding May Be Limited

Unlike home insurance, auto insurance usually does have some flood coverage. For example, you'll probably be covered if you're sitting in your office when a flash flood rips through your parking lot and carries your car away. However, auto insurance policies also have disclaimers that you have to avoid unnecessary risks or you may not be covered.

One situation where you probably wouldn't be covered is if you attempted to drive on a road closed due to flooding and damaged your car in the floodwaters. Leaving your car in a flood zone during a hurricane is a trickier situation because you may or may not have had a chance to move it. It could depend on whether a mandatory evacuation order was in place or not. Ask your auto insurance company for a copy of their policy to see the exact rules.

You Need Comprehensive Coverage

Whether your car gets damaged by flooding, a fallen tree, or flying debris, a hurricane damage claim will almost always fall under comprehensive coverage. This is a standard coverage, but it's optional. Some drivers, especially those with older cars, decline comprehensive coverage as a way of lowering their premium. Declining comprehensive coverage is the same as declining protection for hurricane damage.

You Need to Buy Your Policy Before the Hurricane

If you need to add comprehensive or other coverage, you need to plan ahead. You have to buy coverage before the disaster happens. For a hurricane, this is usually not just when it's over you but as soon as the storm forms out in the ocean. If you buy coverage when a hurricane is on its way, it will only count towards future hurricanes or other non-hurricane losses.

To learn more about filing an auto insurance claim after a hurricane, contact a local auto insurance company today.