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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Can You Drop Or Eliminate Car Insurance When Storing A Car For The Winter?

by Jason Prescott

If you have a vehicle that you do not want to drive in the winter, you might decide to store it somewhere for the winter months. When you store a car for the winter, do you need to keep insurance on it? Many people make the wrong decisions about insuring a stored car, so you might want to learn a few things about auto insurance before storing your vehicle. Here are several vital things to know about auto insurance coverage for a stored vehicle.

You Cannot Drop Coverage If You Have a Loan

The first thing to understand is that you might not need car insurance coverage for a car you are not driving, but that does not mean that you can drop your auto insurance. If you owe money on your vehicle to an auto loan lender, the lender might not let you drop all your coverage. Lenders have stakes in the vehicles they lend money on, and they have auto insurance requirements for these cars to protect their financial interests. If you have a loan, you will need to ask your lender before dropping or changing your auto insurance coverage. You must follow the lender's rules for coverage on the car as long as you have a loan.

Dropping All Coverage Has Risks and Disadvantages

If you do not have a loan, you will not have to call your lender. Instead, you can decide how to handle the coverage. One vital thing to know is that dropping the coverage completely has risks and disadvantages. The first problem is that if you drop the coverage and have no other auto insurance coverage, you will experience a lapse in coverage. Lapses cause increases in rates when you start your policy up again. Secondly, you have no protection on your car if you drop your coverage.

Keeping Comprehensive Coverage Is Usually the Best Option

The best solution for this situation is to keep comprehensive coverage on the car. Comprehensive coverage protects the car from theft, vandalism, and fires. If something happens to your car while you are storing it, this coverage would protect you and compensate you for the losses you experience.

Now that you know these things, what option is right for you? If you still have questions about insuring a car you are storing, call an auto insurance agent today. An auto insurance agent can answer your questions and offer advice about your situation.