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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

How To Know How Much Scooter Insurance You Need

by Jason Prescott

Regardless of whether you own a scooter or rent one regularly, purchasing scooter insurance is a good idea. Rental companies will not cover you, and you may be forced to pay out-of-pocket if you end up in a scooter accident. Neither your home insurance nor your auto insurance providers are likely to cover you either. Here is a brief guide to why you need scooter insurance and what kind to get.

Why You Need Insurance

Electric scooters do not travel at a high speed, but you will have no protection as you operate the scooter. As a result, if you crash, you might suffer very severe injuries. You will need an electric scooter company that covers your medical bills if you become injured and are considered at fault.

Even if another party is at fault, receiving compensation for your injuries can take time, and you may need a scooter insurance provider to pay for your medical bills in the meantime. Your health insurance provider will cover your injuries, but not the injuries of someone else who rides your scooter.

There are some cities that require that scooter rental companies carry insurance. However, the insurance will only cover damage done to buildings if the scooters crash. You will only be covered for your own injuries if you carry scooter insurance.

What Insurance Do You Need

The type of scooter insurance you get will be based on the type of bike you are riding. You will also need to determine whether you need comprehensive coverage or a more limited form of coverage that will be less expensive but will not cover as many of your expenses.

It is most important that you purchase third-party insurance so that you can cover the other party in the event that you cause the accident. This way, you will not be forced to pay expensive medical bills. While you are not legally required to cover scooter insurance, they may sue you in an attempt to acquire your assets. 

Take Into Consideration Your Experience

You may also want to purchase more scooter insurance based on how much experience you have riding a scooter. The less experience you have, the more insurance you should buy because you will be more likely to end up in an accident and need coverage. If you are still not sure how much insurance you should purchase, then contact a scooter insurance provider in your area for help.