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When it comes to making sure that your home and family are safe and sound, few things are as important as choosing the right insurance plan. About six months ago, my home burned to the ground, and without the right insurance plan, we would have been toast financially. Fortunately, because we had prepared properly, we didn't have any problems when it came to making sure that we could rebuild our place. This website is here to help anyone who might be struggling with which insurance policy to choose. Check out this blog for great information on finding the perfect policy.


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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Steps To Filing A Home Insurance Claim

by Jason Prescott

Nearly 5.7% of insured homeowners made a claim between 2015 to 2019. Most of these claims involved property damage. If you've suffered a loss and want to file a home insurance claim, here are the steps you need to follow.

Report It to the Police

The first thing you should do if your home was burglarized is to file a police report. Your insurance provider will want to see the police report to authenticate your claim. However, if you are filing a claim following a natural disaster like a tornado, inspect the damage before going to the insurance provider. Don't throw away anything that is damaged, as it is evidence that you will present to the insurance inspector.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Before calling your insurance company, you should document the damage. Start by taking pictures and videos as proof. You should also take the necessary steps to prevent further damage. Therefore, make temporary repairs and keep the receipts as proof to your insurer for reimbursement later.

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to verify your claim. It is good that you are present when the adjuster visit to show them the damaged areas or items. Show the adjuster all the videos and photos of the damage.

The insurance adjuster will review what caused the damage and ensure it is covered in your policy. They will also interview you about the incident and talk to witnesses and any other people with information regarding your claim. This information will guide the insurance adjuster in setting an amount for the claim payout.

Get Repair or Reconstruction Estimates and Complete Repairs

Make sure you solicit damage estimates from roofing companies, local contractors, and other relevant professionals, depending on the severity of the damage. This will ensure your insurance company doesn't underrate your compensation amount.

Once you receive the claim payout, conduct the necessary repairs. Note that if you have a mortgage, the insurance company will send payment to you and to the lender listed on your insurance policy. Your lender has equal rights to the insurance payment to make sure you make the necessary repairs.

In Closing

Many homeowners make mistakes that affect their insurance claims. Some mistakes include not having the right coverage, not taking an inventory of the damage, cleaning up too fast, and filing multiple claims. If you have a big claim, hire a public claims adjuster to deal with your insurance company on your behalf. The adjuster will ensure you present the right documents and file a claim before the required deadline.

Contact a home insurance provider to learn more.