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Finding Enough Insurance Coverage

Got A Traffic Conviction? How To Protect Your SR22 Certificate

by Jason Prescott

If you've been convicted of motor vehicle violations, you run the risk of losing your driver's license. In some cases, the court will let you keep your license, as long as you get an SR22 certificate. If you've been ordered to get an SR22 certificate, you want to avoid mistakes. Even minor mistakes can lead to the cancellation of your SR22 certificate. Read the list below. Here are some mistakes to avoid while driving with an SR22 certificate. 

Don't Let Your Insurance Lapse

If you need an SR22 certificate, you might think that replaces your car insurance. That's not the case. You need both items to continue driving legally. If you get caught driving without insurance, you risk losing your SR22 certificate. If that happens, you'll no longer be allowed to drive. That's why you need to maintain your car insurance. If you need to change insurance companies, you need to let the court know as soon as possible. 

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

If you need to get an SR22 certificate, now's the time to watch your driving habits. You need to maintain a clean driving record while you have your SR22 certificate. That means you can't get any type of moving violation. That includes tickets for speeding or distracted driving. But, it also includes at-fault car accidents. Avoid issues with your SR22 certificate. Obey all traffic laws until you're cleared by the court to remove the certificate from your record. 

Follow License Restrictions

If your sentencing included an SR22 certificate, pay attention to your license restrictions. There are a couple of types of restrictions you can have on your license. If you wear glasses, you might have a restriction that requires you to wear them while driving. But, the court may also put restrictions on your driver's license. Those restrictions might include where you can drive or the hours you can drive. While you have your SR22 certificate, make sure you follow those restrictions. Otherwise, your driving privileges could get revoked. 

Avoid Missing Court Dates

If you need to carry an SR22 certificate as part of your penalty, make sure you attend all future court dates. That's especially important for major traffic violations. You may have court dates to make sure you're following sentencing guidelines. If you miss any of those court dates, the judge may revoke your SR22 certificate. If that happens, you won't be able to drive until the judge restores your driving privileges.

For more information on SR22 insurance, contact a professional near you.